About the Artist

Hello, my name is Ashley and I've been practicing ceramics for 10 years now.

I most interested in making decorative functional vessels. 

Currently, I am working on my M.F.A. at Edinboro University. 

After graduation, I will be pursuing a career in teaching higher education in the 3D Art field. 


Artist Statement 

      In my work, I make connections with organic texture and design in vessel forms. I am fascinated by naturally recurring patterns and the repetitive quality found in our everyday surroundings' makeup. Through pattern, I feel a connection to the world around me and a sense of peace. I grew up in a chaotic environment. It was in the long walks my mother tediously coerced her children into that I found safety. Hours of walking to find the right view, the perfect clearing, or the swimming spot she knew we would find. 

      A connection to nature and people is essential to me, particularly in the age of the digital. I am creating these connections using the vessel form and its relation to everyday use. Nature provides a grounding quality, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I seek to connect this by considering the imperfections and asymmetrical quality of nature; waxy terra sigillata finishes, with irregular patina washes and combining that quality with items found in the home.

         Underlying my work is an interest in exploring growth and development and the different evolutions as this takes place. From the micro to the macro, and the compiling quality of patterns. Looking at various nature elements, from cellular structures to budding trees, to settled stone lines, and moving river patterns. I am flooded with ideas of things to create. I have always been an intuitive artist who tends to jump around and explore the many different elements that drive me to create. I hope to never run out of new ideas and to continue to learn and grow from each further exploration and endeavor.  



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